Custom Built Modular Homes - One Dream At A Time

Our Homes

     We don’t ask you to take a leap of faith on us. We ask you to experience what we do. We have TWENTY TWO sample homes (fully furnished and decorated ALL IN ONE PLACE so you can see, touch, feel, and fully understand what we offer, the final product you can expect and just how we operate.

It truly is just that simple. Seeing our sample homes is an experience like no other.
No Hassle, No Charge, No Obligation, No Appointment Necessary.

Service Area

     We build modular homes throughout all areas in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware and Maryland.


     We are here for you, period. Stop To See Us, Call, Email, Fax - we are easy to get in touch with and we get respond to you at lightening speed. Again, it is just that simple. Go ahead give us a test - we welcome getting to know you and showing you (not telling you) how we operate

Plan Design

     Need Help with a design? We can make it happen. Have an idea? We can draw it, shape it and make it come to reality. And NO WE DON’T CHARGE FOR IT!! Our competitors like to charge a fee or collect a deposit just to put a custom design idea onto paper to see if you like the result. We can’t explain why. Simply put - we don’t..


     Customization is our specialty. We beleive everyone is unique, we believe every situation is unique. Therefore we customize your home to you and your situation.  We honestly don’t know any other way.


     The reliability of our homes is only outdone by the reliability of our service to you. We count on our reliability to bring us customers - not advertising campaigns. The majority of our new clients come to see us because of a home we have already built. Seeing really is believe. Referrals are our business and we never loose sight of that.

Our Reputation

     We take pride in the homes we build. And our homeowners take even more pride in owning a home from Patriot Home Sales. We encourage you to compare our reputation with our competitors – the difference is clear! We transport our homes with our trucks and drivers, we have our own dedicated setup specialists, dedicated final finish crews and our own in-house service crews using state-of-the-art service vehicles and equipment. Our goal is ”Complete Customer Satisfaction” and we stake our reputation on it every day

Energy Efficiency - A Top Priority

     Our homes are built from top to bottom with Energy Efficiency as a top priority. Using high quality building materials, innovative insulation and exterior coverings and attention to detail we build homes with an energy efficient tight building envelope. Our Modular Homes are built to standards well above the energy efficiency standards required by code. The factory built portions meet the extraordinary ENERGY STAR READY standards. Our wide range of name brand appliances are highly Energy Efficient - as you select custom appliances we’ll show you their energy ratings.


     Modular Home Financing is No Different than the financing for site-built homes. We will work with any local or national Financial Institution of your choice. If you need help finding financing allow our 20+ years of experience help direct you to several Finance and Mortgage Institutions among the hundreds we have worked with in the past. Need help completing the forms? No problem, assistance with filling out the paperwork is FREE!

SN391-04q2     We know choosing a new home is a challenging and sometimes a worrisome proposition.

     That is precisely why we are the industry leader
 -   We do right by you - making our home choices easy to understand, the options clear and concise and the worries to a minimum.

     Quality is a key reason why people build Pennwest Home By Patriot!!! A dedicated quality control team inspects homes daily throughout the factory construction process. All of our modular homes are built to state and local building codes. Independent third-party inspection agencies provide another level of quality control, inspecting and approving our homes while they are being built in the factory.

     As a system-built homebuilder, Pennwest and Patriot can take advantage of better equipment, a controlled climate, daily quality control in the factory construction process, and dedicated, proven craftsmen. Our craftsmen build homes both by hand and with sophisticated tools, precision jigs, and the latest technology - much of which is not available to traditional builders. Read about our construction process.